4 new Blogger themes

4 new Blogger themes

Have you discovered Bloggers brand new responsive templates?

Blogger has recently added 4 new themes, 20 different versions to choose from. They are all modern, responsive templates that adapts to the device your visitor is viewing your blog with – computer, tablet or cell phone. Your blog always looks just as good and there is no need for you to choose a separate mobile template.

Do you want to try the new themes out?

A good thing is, as always, to start with a test blog. You don’t want to change the look of your ordinarie blog and then change your mind. Make sure the new template has the features you want! Another good practise is to take a backup of your blog before you start to mix things up and play with your blog’s new looks.


Blogger backup theme


You can download a backup file by going to your blog’s Admin panel – Theme and then choose the Backup/Restore button in the right upper corner. If you later on want to restore this theme, this is also where you upload the file you now downloaded. If you want to, you can change the file’s name when saving it on your computer. That’ll make it easier to find the right file later on if you need it.


Blogger gadgets


Once you try these new templates you’ll discover a new feature in the Layout settings. Your gadgets now have a little eye icon next to their titles and that shows if the gaget is visible on your blog or not. When opening a gadget with an eye icon you find a setting for this, it makes it easy to alter visibility without having to completely remove the gaget.


What do they look like?


Blogger Contempo


Blogger Emporio


Blogger Soho


Blogger Notable

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