Authorized readers only

Authorized readers only

Do you have a blog that you want to limit readers access to? Perhaps you only want your friends and family to be able to read it or even keep it totally locked from anyone and use your blog as a personal journal.

Using a Blogger blog, that is easy.


The first thing you need to do is starting a new blog if you don’t already have a test blog.



In your admin panel, go to Settings – Basic. Furtherst down you find Permissions – Blog Readers. Click Edit.



Here you can choose who you want to be able to read your blog. Invite them via email, either by memory or via Choose from Contacts if you have your Google account active on an android cell phone. You can then open your contacts list via this button.



After you sent the invite, the person gets an email in which there is a link to click on to accept your invite. Your reader needs to have a Google account to be able to log into your blog and read and in the email he/she can find a link to create one if he/she doesn’t already have one.

If your new reader can’t access your blog, make sure he/she clicked the link in the email and after that, also clicked the Sign In link (if not logged into a Google account) or the Accept Invitation link (if already logged in) in the web page the link in the email led to.


You can see if you have an open invitation (your reader hasn’t gone through the invitations process fully yet) or if you have readers that can visit your blog in the PermissionsBlog Readers settings. This is also where you can remove those readers you don’t want to keep.



Of course you can just make your blog private and NOT invite anyone if you prefer!

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