Use test blog for image link

Use test blog for image link

Sometimes you need to upload images on the internet in order to get an image link. Perhaps you want to add an image to a post in a message board or maybe you need to add a design element to your blogs theme. Regardless of why, using your test blog as a host for your pictures is a good idea and I’ll tell you why.

There are lots of sites out there on the internet that offers to host your images, often for free, but they have one downside – you never know when or if they go out of business.  One day all your images might be gone and you can’t do anything about it.

Using your own blog as a host for your pictures keep them in your own hands.


“Keep your images safe and easy to access”


If you are using wordpress, you can just upload your images in your media gallery. Blogger doesn’t have that feature but there is an easy way around that. Use a test blog!

But why do I need another blog you wonder?
Well, you don’t want your ordinary blog to be filled with posts with random images that doesn’t make sense to your visitors. Better to keep them in their own separate place.


let’s get a testblog

start new blog


Start by opening up your blogs admin panel.
In the column to the left you will find a small arrow next to your blogs name. Click that to open a menu.

Click New blog.


blog address and theme

You can now choose your new blog’s name, address and theme. You can change the theme and title later, don’t spend to much time with them, but the address is important. It is possible to change that later too, but it’s not recommended if you have an open blog with visitors as this will make their bookmarked link broken. 

When you clicked the Create blog-button and been transfered to your test blogs admin panel it’s finally time to upload your image.
You do this by creating a new post.


Create a blogpost in Blogger


Give your blog post a name suitable for the category of pictures you want to collect here. If you only plan to upload a few images, it’s not all that important, but if you keep filling up this blog with them you’ll sooner or later be happy to have some kind of system.


upload in Blogger


When you inserted your image, click it once with your mouse to open the small menu in the bottom. Here you can choose the size you want your image to be displayed at when using your new image link later.  If your photo already has a nice size, choose Original size.

Save your post.



From the link in your admin panel you can now view your new post.
Open the post and right click on your image. Click Copy image link. You can now paste your image link wherever you need it.

Next time you need to upload an image to get a link it’ll be very quick and easy as you already have your “image server”, your test blog!

 A tip

Even if you don’t want to lock your blog it may be a good idea to hide this testblog from search engines and from your blog list in your Blogger profile.


Go to SettingsBasic in your blog’s admin panel. Click Edit where it says Listed on Blogger. Visible to search engines. Choose the no option for both questions and save. 

Now you can keep your collection of images a little bit more to yourself even if you share the images via their links. 




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