Change blog owner

Change blog owner

Do you have a blog you want to pass over to someone else?

Perhaps you helped someone to start a blog (great!) or perhaps you changed your Google account and want to transfer your blog over to your new email address.  There are many reasons why you would need to change the ownership of your blog and it’s really easy when you know how to do it.


This is what you do


Go to your blogs SettingsBasicPermissionsBlog authors.

This is where you find your account – your username and your email address. Below the box with users you can add authors.



Click there and add the new owners mail address. Click the button “Invite authors” to send your invite.

You can now see that you have one open invite. If you’re transfering the account to yourself, go to your email account and accept the invite. If you’re transfering the blog to someone else, you just need to wait untill they accept.



To begin with, the new account only has author privilegies, they can’t make any admin decisions. You need to change user group for them.

By switching from Author to Admin you give the new owner admission to your blog.



When you done this, you can see an x next to your own account name. Your new blog admin kan see the same thing, his/hers list looks the same as yours. You can now – if you’re sure – erase your own account and let the new person be the ownern of the blog.

Easy, wasn’t it!

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