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Hi and welcome!

My name is Anneli and I'm your host here at World of Blogger.

My biggest passion is blog design, I just love trying new things out and se how they affect a blogs looks or it's function.

I want to share the knowledge with you and hope you want to join me on my journey in the land of blogging!


Read all about how to style your blog. Step by step tutorials for both beginners and more advanced bloggers.


Join our community. Get to know your fellow bloggers, ask blog related questions and show off your site!

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new tutorials

4 new Blogger themes

Have you discovered Bloggers brand new responsive templates? Blogger has recently added 4 new themes, 20 different versions to choose from. They are all modern, responsive templates that adapts to the device your visitor is

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download image with mobile phone

Use test blog for image link

Sometimes you need to upload images on the internet in order to get an image link. Perhaps you want to add an image to a post in a message board or maybe you need to

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keylock on fence

Authorized readers only

Do you have a blog that you want to limit readers access to? Perhaps you only want your friends and family to be able to read it or even keep it totally locked from anyone

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