Your blog through your visitors eyes

Your blog through your visitors eyes

Your blog through your visitors eyes

Would you like to know how your visitors experience your blog? Follow them around as they scroll, click, read and react? Then Smartlook is the tool for you.

Smartlook is an easy to use, free tool which records the screens of real users on your blog. You can see what your visitors clicked with their mouse, what they filled into a form field, where they spend most of their time, and how they browse through each page. In your Smartlook admin panel you can watch the recordings and follow your visitors every movment with their mouse.

There is no way of knowing who your visitors actually are, all you get are anonymus ip numbers so there’s no need to feel like you are spying on anyone. What this tool helps you with is to learn what areas your readers prefer, where they might have some issues and what parts you perhaps should feature a little bit extra.



You start by registering an account with Smartlook.

Here you can add your blog and collect the tracking code you’re going to add in your blog.


smartlook add site


Copy your code:

smartlook tracking code

Open your blog’s html-template. ( Theme – Edit HTML )

Click with your mouse once in the template area (to put focus on where to search) and then press CTRL + F ( CMD + F for Mac ) on your key board to open up a search box.

In this search box you write/copy in </head> and then press Enter. You’ll then be directed to the right place to add your Smartlook code. If you prefer you can search for the tag on your own too of course, but this way is so much easier.

Put the code you copied just above </head>


Blogger add code



Save your template!

That’s it – you’re done, you can now go to Smartlook and start watching your visitors way around your blog.


To avoid to track your own page views on your blog, you can choose to block out your ip number. This only works if you have a static ip number though.

In your Smartlook admin panel, go to Account (via the settings icon in the upper right corner of the site). Here you choose IP Blocking and Add my IP.


smartlook block ip


One last tip.

How to actually find the video recordings isn’t all that obvious in my opinin. When you hold our mouse cursor over one of the visits registred, an arrow becomes visible. Press that and you will be taken to the recording.


smartlook watch

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